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RISE Summer School Program


See double-digit growth in Math & ELA

RISE teachers and school leaders saw 46.8% student growth in Math and 60% growth in ELA this past summer. Our approach is backed by pre-and-post assessment data that proves students can make big gains in just five weeks.

RISE by Lavinia Group

12/15/2022 | 1 p.m. EST

Since 2020, a concerning number of children continue to struggle with grade-level literacy and math.

NWEA researchers predict the average elementary student will take three years, at minimum, to return to their pre-pandemic academic trajectory and older students will take “far longer.”

Mitigate learning loss with a comprehensive, summer school program. 

Attend this webinar to learn more about Lavinia Group's five-week RISE Summer School Program and engage in a robust question-and-answer session where attendees can share and discuss their summer school challenges with educational experts.

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About the RISE Summer School Program

RISE is a five-week summer school program for 1st through 9th-grade students. Join teachers and school leaders from across the country and set students on a path to succeed in the coming school year. 

This program includes ready-to-use instructional materials and high-impact professional development to help students build transferrable math and literacy skills that will carry over into the new school year. 

Attend this webinar to learn more about the key elements of this program including: 

  • Summer Curriculum
  • Teacher Training & Onboarding  
  • Pre- and Post-Assessment
  • Weekly Professional Development
  • Data Analysis Tracking & Tools

A portion of this webinar is dedicated to attendee Q&A to allow for robust discussion regarding the current challenges educators face executing a high-performing summer learning program.  

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Learn About our Robust, Engaging Curriculum

Learn more about Lavinia Group's knowledge-based, culturally-relevant, and standards-aligned curriculum that gives teachers the tools they need to meet the challenges of unfinished learning.

Learn how we Measure progress with Pre- and Post-Assessment Tools

Learn how we partner with schools to track and monitor student progress with data analysis tools and pre- and post-assessments 

ELA Assessment performance

Lavinia Group RISE Summer School students outperformed those in non-Lavinia summer programs by 13% in Math and 16% in Literacy.

engage a partner who provides Immersive, UNPARALLELED support

Learn about our flexible professional development support. With asynchronous and synchronous professional development options, schools have the option to choose from three session start dates or a self-paced pathway to support the implementation of curriculum and growth in instructional skills.

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